Case Study: Timothé, Benin



Timothé, his brother and three nephews were all treated – and cured – using the shortened nine-month treatment regimen for MDR-TB that was the focus of the observational study led by The Union in nine countries in francophone Africa.

The shortened regimen brought not only a more manageable treatment to the patients but also afforded countries the ability to provide MDR-TB treatment – as previous regimens were too costly and difficult to procure.

A sixth family member, Timothé’s oldest brother, fell ill with TB before the country had rapid diagnostic tools and sufficient and affordable stock of medicines for treatment. After several rounds of first-line drugs, he passed away. By the time the next member of the Danon family showed symptoms of TB, MDR-TB diagnosis was available in Benin and The Union’s observational study was underway.

Timothé has made a complete recovery and has returned to his work as a tailor. He lives in Cotonou with his wife and children.