Union technical assistance has aided 30 countries with implementation of the short course regimen

Since the launch of The Union’s MDR-TB programme in 2016, it has been integral in the transition to and implementation of the short course regimen in 30 countries in high-burden Asia and Africa.

The programme is based on the real and practical experience of The Union’s work at the forefront of research into the shortened MDR-TB treatment regimen in Bangladesh and the countries in the Union-coordinated West and Central Africa francophone study. The short course regimen reduces treatment time for MDR-TB from up to two years to just nine months.

In addition, Union technical assistance in 43 countries in 2017 provided support and training to ensure national health programmes worldwide are operating to the highest standard and employing best practices for all aspects of TB management and care, as well as supporting tobacco control efforts.

The Union’s technical assistance is indispensable. In many parts of the world, there is simply nowhere medical professionals can go for dedicated support in TB. For many TB programme and service providers, the only place to access this information is The Union.

Dr Valérie Schwoebel