Project Axshya facilitates diagnosis of 25,000 TB patients in 2017

The Union’s Project Axshya, working in partnership with seven sub-recipient partners, a network of local non- governmental organisations (NGOs) and nearly 15,000 community volunteers, continued to provide innovative TB interventions designed to serve traditionally hard-to-reach and at-risk populations in India in 2017. These efforts lead to the diagnosis of 25,000 TB patients who were linked with treatment services.

Axshya implements a host of outreach initiatives to increase awareness of TB, facilitate TB testing and transport sputum samples in 285 districts across 19 states in India. Initiatives in 2017 included: TB ‘kiosks’, or small, decentralised TB service centres with extended visitors’ hours where volunteers administer treatment, collect sputum samples and provide drop-in consultations; counselling services to support people with multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB); and a vast volunteer network mobilised throughout the country to address the needs of vulnerable populations with regards to TB information, screening, treatment and support.

The project was established in 2010 with support from the Global Fund.


Through The Union’s Project Axshya in 2017, 220,000 people showing TB symptoms were identified and tested, 190,000 sputum samples collected and transported, and 5,000 qualified private practitioners, private hospitals and private laboratories were trained to ensure quality TB services at all points of care.