Annual Report 2017


Message from the executive director

I am very proud to share with you The Union’s Annual Report for 2017, which presents updates on our most recent project work and documentation of our impact around the world. For every highlight mentioned in this report, there are hundreds of other activities that are helping the world’s most vulnerable live their best lives.

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Message from the president

During my first year as President of The Union – and the 97th of the organisation’s existence – I was struck by the commitment of our members and staff to its founding principles, and how these ambitious goals still resonate and drive us today.

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The first global health organisation

The Union is a global scientific organisation with the mission to improve health among people living in poverty. We do that by conducting scientific research, working with governments and other agencies to translate research into better health for people around the world, and delivering projects directly in the field. The Union is made up of a global membership body of people who help to advance our mission, and a scientific institute that implements public health projects within countries. For close to 100 years, we have been leaders in the fight against some of the world’s biggest killers, including tuberculosis, lung diseases and tobacco use.


We conduct research to provide evidence for public health policy and practice.


We disseminate scientific knowledge to strengthen public health programmes.


We deliver services and conduct advocacy to safeguard people’s health.



43,000 people screened and referred for testing



190,000 sputum samples collected and transported



48,942 people from high-risk populations screened for TB

Global impact in 2017

  • Union Member Network
  • 11
    Union Offices
  • 43
    Technical Assistance
  • 32
    Research Locations
  • 31
    Courses & conferences

Financial Report

Fiscal year 2017

  • Total net result for the year 2017 was a deficit of 1.318 million euros compared to a surplus of 0.349 million euros in 2016.
  • Total revenue was 51.470 million euros compared to 51.776 million euros in 2016
  • Total expenditure was 52.789 million euros compared to 51.426 million euros in 2016
  • Revenue from grants, gifts and operating grants amounted to 39.5 million euros compared to 42.8 million euros in 2016.
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